Some vehicles are equipped with turbo-charged engines, which are especially prone to sludge-forming deposits.

In the past the only known solution was to take the engine apart to clean out the sludge that had accumulated in as little as 20,000 miles.

The Turbo Service utilises an Engine Cleaner, and a new service tool with special adaptors and filters. Often sludge is a mixture of moisture that has been trapped inside the engine with oxidized oil that shoulld have been changed more frequently.

It would be simple if we could just remove the sludge in chunk form, but the engine would be totally plugged. The objective of the Turbo Service is to dissolve the sludge so that is suspended in the cleaning solution and then removed by the special filters.

The goal is to return the car to the street for a normal life, a fully restored vehicle that would likely not have any more sludge problems.   Of course a good maintenance program with Turbo Service will help ensure a trouble-free future for these vehicles.

We are able to diagnose Turbo errors using our new up to date Dealer Level Autologic Diagnostics equipment.

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