Efficient air-conditioning contributes to road safety and provides a pleasant environment for drivers and their passengers.

If neglected, the air-conditioning will become less efficient and there is the risk of damaging components. Also the system can become contaminated with micro-organisms which are blown into the passenger compartment and can cause;
• Unpleasant smells
• Bacterial infections
• Irritation to the eyes and bronchial tubes
• Allergic reactions

Humidity levels can also be affected, misting up windows, causing driver fatigue and reducing visibility.
To help combat these problems and ensure healthy, fuel efficient and effective air-conditioning, regular servicing is essential.

Many vehicle manufactures recommend servicing the air-conditioning system as follow;
Every 12 months
• Clean and disinfect the system.
Every 24 months
• Full service of the system including drain and recharge and checking the system components
• Replace the pollen filter
Does your air-conditioning need cleaning?

Please take a minute to complete the following quick analysis of your air-conditioning usage!
• Have your used your air-conditioning for more than a year without cleaning?
• Is your vehicle normally parked outdoors?
• Do you often drive short distances?
• Does your passenger compartment sometimes smell unpleasant?
• Do you regularly switch off your air-conditioning?
• Do you sometimes suffer from sneezing or irritation of your eyes in the car?
If you answered at least two questions with “yes”, it’s time to have your air-conditioning system cleaned.

Your Air Conditioning Service will be carried out by our ATA qualified Technician.

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